Hartefakt Institut se zalaže za izgradnju odgovornog društva kroz istraživanja, kreiranje inovativnih metoda delovanja, razvoj programa regionalne i evropske saradnje i razmene sa pojedincima, organizacijama i javnim institucijama.

HF Institute focuses on the establishment of a culture of memory, the promotion of human rights and the rights of marginalized groups, the conceptualization of art as an instrument of positive social change, creating conditions for the development of civic activism, as well as improving working conditions in the culture and the civil sector.

Since 2009 HF Institute has developed numerous programs: "Re-connection" that through projects in various fields established a social dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, "Intruders" - a platform that explores and records LGBTQ history, "European Task Force" - a program that allows citizens to participate in the formulation of public policy, "wakeup" - a program through multi-media creative content deals with the mechanisms of identification and empathy in the context of the refugee crisis ...